"If you’ve raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in thickets by the Jordan?" (Jeremiah 12:5). Our journey is intended to be more than simply "stumbling" through the days while the world "wears us out.” We are made to experience the thrill of "running with horses” and to navigate life amongst the "thickets." The RWH blog focuses on both the spiritual race of which Jeremiah speaks, and the physical act of running that I absolutely love. In short, it's where "the miles meet the Message" to provide insight, perspective & encouragement that might enable you & I to successfully run either of the races set before us. May our course be purposeful and may we be passionate in our pursuit of the abundant life He desires for us.

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Season of Rest (aka, Trying to Stay Positive)

After two and a half years of injury-free running, I have finally been sidelined with an injury.  The worst part is that it has nothing to do with running.  An old, nasty nemesis has reared its ugly head and I have been forced into some downtime.  The good news is that unlike the major rupture in '08, I think I have kept this most recent lower back issue to more of a painful nuisance and not totally disabling.  Trust me, that is extremely good news.

I will admit that my first missed long run Sunday in just over two years has been traumatic. Coupled with the fact that the final two weeks of the year are historically some of my most productive mileage weeks, and that I was on pace, as of December 14th, for my first 1,500 mile year, and that I am in the middle of a strong marathon training plan, and there is good concern over the potential for downright depression.

But this setback has been different.  Maybe it's a new perspective in the light of Newtown, CT.  Or maybe it's simply a new perspective in the light of greater spiritual maturity.  But I have not lost sight of how blessed I have been to stay healthy for so long and how good those runs feel when the back pain goes away. I have been surprisingly calm about this season and repeatedly tell myself how fresh my legs will be when it's time to lace them up again (hopefully within two or three weeks).

I am praying for continued patience and perspective.  I am also praying for healing.  Back pain is a horribly debilitating condition. The chronic nature of it, with it's limitations on movement and impact on mood, can be exhausting.  So I am especially prayerful that my focus be on the upcoming Run For God Season 2 and in my worship.  Running or not, I am blessed to worship and praise His name.

The back will heal and running will begin again.  I can't wait to experience all that 2013 brings our way.  Oh, and if anyone is in the market for bowling balls, let me know.  They are going the way of the golf clubs and the martial arts pads and the snow skis and the softball equipment and ...... I think God has been trying to tell me that I was made to run, not to twist and bend and swing and throw; just run Dave, just run!


  1. Sorry to read of your injury, but it seems like you have a great attitude about it. I hope you heal soon.

  2. Thanks REND, really appreciate it. Less pain daily and not as much restricted movement, so it shouldn't be long. In fact, I think the "Walking" of the Lights tonight at Tanglewood will do some good. I sincerely wish you a great New Year's evening and hope that you continue with healthy running (and blogging) throughout 2013.