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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ask Miles: A Runner’s World Favorite

Near the front of each Runner’s World magazine is a series of articles, highlights and commentary categorized as the ‘Human Race.’  One of my favorites in this section is the ‘Ask Miles’ page.  Miles offers a humorous, yet practical response to mostly non-technical questions from readers.  Often these submissions deal with running etiquette, subtleties, and topics that aren’t necessarily covered in Running 101.

This month’s issue had the following question.  A topic that I love to discuss. Enjoy!

Dear Miles, 

A friend has told me - more than once - that his doctor says many runners need knee replacements and that the sport isn’t good for you.  His attitude frustrates me. What can I say to him?  - Emily V., Plainsboro, NJ


In a game of your-word-against-someone’s-physician, the M.D. is always going to win. So, raise the stakes!  See his, “my doc,” and raise him a “peer reviewed, long term, research and epidemiological study.” Cite the Stanford Medical School researchers who found that after 20 years, the knees of distance runners where actually healthier than those of a control group.  Or this year’s American College of Sports Medicine findings that, overall, “physical activity (including running) is beneficial, rather than detrimental, to joint health.”  For the full effect, roll up a copy of the ACSM report and whack him on the head with it. - Miles

For further reference, the link to past columns at:  Ask Miles  Also, a previous blog post regarding a favorite edition of Runner’s World at: A Special RW  Finally, one last post dealing with knee health research - very interesting, at: Great News for Knees

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  1. It’s not an unreasonable supposition; other sports have been linked with early-onset arthritis in knees. Proper care and nutrition, I think will be helpful.